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Sabtu, 27 Februari 2010

my old new clothes :)

how are you my blog? I hope you're fine :) I have not been telling hehe oh yeah I just got back relax with my family. I went to the National Monument and senen market clothes shopping there even though I used but still okay condition and very good price also very cheap, I bought a vintage shirt flowers red looks funny I love it, even a bargain price of ten thousand dollars only :p cheap is not it? hehe I'd love to tell you my picture is old shirt, but unfortunately my camera was taken away to makassar dad :( sorry blog hehe next time if I remember I'll be I memfotonya and a publication on my blog this hihi
hmm .. I'm tired blog, I should like to rest before you? hehe then we went on it again the story

blog bye muah:)

I love derian so muchhhhhhh

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